The Voodoomonx have been growing strong since its beginning.  Hard work, determination and love for music has been their motivation!  Having picked up many fans along the way, their musical genre could  easily be described as  »soul oriented yet funk driven ».
The VooDooMonx style can be describe as influences going from, the ever powerful James Brown, Jamiroquai, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Tower Of Power and The Grey Boy All Stars.  Generally qualified as groovy and comercially appealing, The VooDooMonx musicianship, has been knowned to please a vast inter-generational public.  
 Witness the epic soulfullness of Eugene Weissmann, the dinstinctive grooves and quikness of drummer Leo Paul-Hus, the tight and groovy bass of Mo, as well as the crazyness and funkyness provided by Sebastien Cloutier at the keys, and none other than Sharon Brooks on back vocals. The VooDooMonx remain more that just any Band, but a brotherhood.